SACA Smart Automation Micro-Credentials | Fast Track to a Rewarding Career

Are you a technical education instructor that keeps hearing from your students that they need to get a job before they finish their degree? Do they possess a proficiency in areas like basic electrical skills, mechanical drives, industrial networks, robot operation, and more that could land them a job while they work on their degree, and they just need documented verification of their proficiency? You should look into the Smart Automation Certification Alliance’s micro-credentials!

SACA’s micro-credentials are hyper-focused, competency-based certificates that verify proof of knowledge and skills. Micro-credentials offer a streamlined way to document what your students know so that they can contribute to the local industrial workforce right away. Basically, micro-credentials do not measure how long you study or how many courses you take; they measure your understanding of a topic and your ability to demonstrate your skill-based competency of the subject.

If micro-credentials interest you, the Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) is your answer to prove that your students possess the necessary skills to be successful in an Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment. SACA micro-credentials verify that an individual possesses basic industrial skills such as electrical, mechanical, fluid power, rigging, and welding all the way through advanced robot system integration, Industry 4.0 data analytics, and network security. Eventually, these micro-credentials stack into an industrial certification that demonstrates your skills and knowledge to current and future employers across multiple industrial disciplines.