Regional Teacher Training Centers

Press Release

SACA Regional Teacher Training Centers are regional locations where SACA Gold certified instructors train and assess other instructors and trainers on their path to SACA Gold Certifications. An instructor or trainer that attains SACA Gold Certification is eligible to return to their school or business and proctor SACA Gold assessments.

There will only be a select few institutions chosen to be a Regional Teacher Training Center, so if you're interested in becoming a SACA Regional Teacher Training Center or know of a location that would be an ideal candidate, please contact SACA. A few requirements to qualify as a SACA Regional Teacher Training Center include:

  • Being a SACA Member

  • Having a facility or lab that has enough equipment to handle training and assessing a minimum of 5 instructors concurrently

  • The flexibility to offer training workshops multiple times a year

  • Agreement that instructors will be SACA Gold Level Certified

Organizations can provide SACA silver and gold certifications to their students by joining SACA as a member and sending at least one individual in the organization to a SACA Regional Teacher Training Center to become Gold certified.

SACA's Instructor's training prepares teachers to deliver Industry 4.0 certifications