Host a Validation Meeting!

This is your chance to sit down with SACA and Industry Leaders to help shape SACA's national Industry 4.0 certifications. Working closely with industry leaders, you have the opportunity to recommend changes to enhance the outcomes. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a nationally recognized certification process that will help individuals improve their lives and the lives of their families.

  • Contribute to the Nationally-Recognized Smart Automation Industry 4.0 Certification Process
  • Showcase Your Organization as a Leader in Industry 4.0 Training
  • Gain First Access to State-of-the-Art Industry Skills Standards
  • Ensure Local Industry Needs are Met

Become a Pilot Organization!

Be one of the first organizations to have students earn Industry 4.0 certifications! Leaders from various manufacturing sectors met with SACA to create the national standards on which SACA certifications are based and they are eager to see the results of their hard work. Your assistance will help SACA test and refine the certifications while gaining your organization the attention of major industrial companies.

  • Free Certification Testing for Participants
  • Gain Valuable Feedback on Student Performance
  • Pilot Organizations Can Select Their Level of Participation
  • Pilot Organizations Gain National Recognition
  • Market Your Involvement to Local Industries

Contact SACA today and sign uthost a Certification Validation Meeting obecome a Pilot Organization!